Lucyd Innovates the AR Industry with Blockchain-fueled Smartglasses

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Augmented reality is a live view of a real-world environment overlaid with a computer-generated interface. In the age where you wouldn’t think smartglasses can solve the biggest problems in AR, then comes Lucyd. Essentially, Lucyd is a new augmented reality company dedicated to producing the world’s first ergonomic, highly functional mass market smartglasses. Lucyd is launching the LCD token sale to decentralize the AR revolution.

How are they going to initiate this? Well, they already have 13 breakthrough AR patents that form a blueprint for Lucyd Lens, a pair of lightweight, next-gen smartglasses. Lucyd plans to produce next-gen smartglasses that correct many of the issues plaguing currently available products, and a blockchain-based software ecosystem to support them. Lucyd Lens smartglasses will evolve vision, by seamlessly merging valuable data with sight. Lucyd’s patent portfolio covers several core technology areas in the Lucyd Lens prototype, such as eye tracking and flush microdisplays. It will provide realistic depth perception, with spatially accurate AR applications where real and virtual objects freely, cooperatively intermingle.

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Their technology comes from years of research by leading AR experts at the College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida. Some of the issues in currently available AR devices that Lucyd Lens aims to solve are clunky form factors, limited enhanced field of view, latency issues, light leakage, poor eye tracking, difficult controls, connectivity issues, high eye strain, and incompatibility with corrective lenses.

The Lucyd Lab blockchain is designed to organically drive content creation and user engagement with Lucyd Lens. Lucyd is offering a new token named LCD, which is an opportunity to help develop and experience the next big thing in AR. This is accomplished by awarding LCD tokens to developers in addition to traditional app revenue, based on the community ratings of their contributions. LCD is also awarded to users based on the quality of their feedback to the developer community. LCD can then be used to purchase AR hardware and content from Lucyd when available, or sold on external token exchanges.

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lucyd lab

Lucyd has assembled a multitalented, experienced team to make Lucyd Lens smartglasses and the Lucyd Lab blockchain a reality. A unique combination of advanced AR scientists, successful entrepreneurs and blockchain pros gives Lucyd the tools it needs to develop a next-gen interactive AR display. Smartglasses are the future, and Lucyd is poised to pave the way forward in AR. As pioneers in their own right, we can expect great things from this new technology.


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