Gaming Congress Belarus to Host Bitcoin Conference Minsk

Gaming Congrerss BelarusBelarus is a country where gaming business is alive and thriving. Not only old land-based casinos, betting shops, online gaming houses and lotteries successfully operate there, but also new ones are being actively opened. For this reason, this autumn Smile-Expo will again hold Gaming Congress Belarus in Minsk.

As early as on October 14-15, Minsk will host a unique event for the gaming market of Belarus for the second time. It will bring together representatives of industry companies, suppliers of equipment for casinos and poker clubs, developers of software for online casinos, slots, and betting shops, payment processors, investors, start-ups, as well as all those who care about the fate of the gaming industry in the country where gaming is legalized and operates properly.

Despite the fact that the gaming market in the country exists in the framework of the law, it is controlled very seriously. In Belarus, there is a separate tax system (special computer cash register system), to which all slots and casinos’ cash desks are connected; both operation and prizes are transparent.

What will be discussed at the event?

  • Relationships between the government and the gaming business;
  • Procedure for a license obtaining;
  • Variations in the gaming business taxation;
  • Legislation and its limitations;
  • How to start a business in the country;
  • Obligatory conditions for the casino opening;
  • Promotional opportunities, their impact and limitations on the audience.
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Bitcoin Conference MinskThis year’s event promises to surpass all expectations. Why is that? Firstly, the organizing team has prepared two simultaneous conferences involving sections devoted to ground and online casinos. Moreover, there will be held a separate conference, Bitcoin Conference Minsk * G, dedicated to the online currency Bitcoin in the ecosystem of gaming industry.

On what ground will the conference discuss this e-currency? Bitcoin is a unique solution for owners of online casinos regarding monetary manipulation. How can I use Bitcoin in the gaming industry in Belarus? How should one develop software for Bitcoin casino? Which new technologies do already exist in the world of gaming? The conference program will provide answers to these questions, as well as information about the next stages of development of the gaming market in Belarus.

Secondly, the congress will involve the demo area. It is an open platform for the demonstration of new features in the industry and in sphere of Bitcoin use. This area will provide an opportunity to conduct intensive negotiations with leading companies in the industry. Moreover, presentations and master classes for professionals in gaming market will be held there. This is the place where each of the exhibitors will simultaneously present its products to a large audience of experts.

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The real highlight of the Gaming congress will be the business tour to local casinos, which Smile-Expo organizes in each country, where it conducts events on the gaming theme.

The business tour is an acquaintance with advanced solutions of the Belarusian gaming industry, meeting and live communication with experts, leaders, and owners of the companies involved in the development of the market. This business trip provides all the participants of the tour with new possibilities for the development of their own business as well as a chance to try their luck in the game.

Do not miss Gaming Congress Belarus, buy tickets and discover new horizons of career development!

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