First Minerium Token 300 Token Starts Trading at Cryptopia

300 Token CryptopiaOut of all the tokens in the crypto industry, none is as promising as 300 Token. It is created and named in honor of the 300 Spartan warriors who were part of the Battle of Thermopylae. Hence, naturally the supply is limited only to 300 tokens. With values of HODL, HONOR and GLORY, this groundbreaking ERC20 Tokens created with the Minereum Token Creation Service will surely make great waves in the cryptocurrency market.

For instance, 300 Token has now started trading at Cryptopia. In order to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone, Cryptopia provides a mining pool, auction house and marketplace, several stable nodes on the network, and a support framework for each coin accepted on the site. This New Zealand based exchange has been the longest running exchange in the country. Each coin accepted on it has an established user base and community, as well as proven goods and services that the coin can be exchanged for to provide a stable experience for the user.

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Of course, 300 Token can be argued to be the best coin to join Cryptopia’s roster. Given the nature of the limitation of the amount tokens of 300 Token, the platform has already expressed interest to list it on various exchanges. Therefore, the value of 300 Token is expected to grow speedily and drastically. Plus, since every service provided by Cryptopia is fully integrated, users can mine directly to the exchange, or buy something from the marketplace or auction house with their trade earnings – the perfect collaboration between two favorable entities in the crypto space.

With Cryptopia aiming to be more than just another exchange, its focus is on the user experience of the crypocurrencies themselves. The creators of 300 Token do not wish to create an entire cryptocurrency ecosystem based on it. They aim instead to showcase the cryptocurrency’s and Minereum Token Service’s capabilities. What better platform to do that than Cryptopia. All funds there will be fully integrated and instantly accessible via all current and future Cryptopia services.

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