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Ledger Part 1 – Bitcoin Needs Security and Peace of Mind for the User


When French startups like La Maison du Bitcoin, a bitcoin centre in Paris, BTChip merge, you get Ledger. Coin News Asia had the chance to speak with its CEO, Eric Larchevêque to talk about this innovative contribution to crypto-security. Coin News Asia: Hi Eric, first question: what exactly is Ledger? How does it work with the Bitcoin ecosystem? Eric Larchevêque: […]

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Cubits – Bitcoin in iGaming: A Match Made in Crypto


Bitcoin Press Release: Cubits, a Berlin-based Bitcoin startup, aspires for a more Bitcoin-accepting world. As more communities warm up to the use of cryptocurrency, companies like Cubits find it ideal to create and develop a Bitcoin-related project to address the further need for diversification in the industry. Hence, the pursuit of Bitcoin integration in iGaming has come afloat. Tim Rehder, […]

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Nutz Poker Part 2 – The Asian Market Is a Nut Well Worth Cracking


Coin News Asia has spoken with Bobby of Nutz Poker to give us a quick look on the Enterra-powered Bitcoin poker room. You may read the first part here. Coin News Asia: What do you think Bitcoin needs to become a more mainstream form of payment? Bobby: It’s only a matter of time before bitcoin is more mainstream thanks to websites like […]

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Grantcoin Part 2: New Crypto Projects Should Build Upon Bitcoin’s Successes


This is the second part of Coin News Asia’s exclusive interview with Brandon Venetta of Grantcoin. You may read the first part here. Coin News Asia: What do you think Bitcoin needs to become a more prominent and reliable form of payment? Brandon Venetta: In our opinion, the most important factor holding Bitcoin back from becoming a truly mainstream and […]

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Gemini – the Winklevii Exchange and the Asian Market


With the Facebook debacle still behind them, the Winklevoss twins are now bent in being the high names in the Bitcoin industry, starting with Gemini, a Bitcoin exchange. Revealed in January, Gemini may just be the first effusively regulated Bitcoin exchanges there is. The inventors went to work, contracting top mechanical and administrative talent to assemble the trade’s foundation, a […]

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XBT Provider: Bitcoin Will Go Mainstream, but Big Changes Take Time.

XBT Provider

Hailing from Sweden, a Bitcoin venture is in the rise. Introducing XBT Provider, a service that introduces Bitcoin Tracker One; Bitcoin as an ETN, an exchange-traded note. Coin News Asia had the chance to speak with its Marketing Manager, Christoffer De Geer, to share some developments in this venture. On Bitcoin When you first use Bitcoin, it is like nothing […]

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Digicoins: Bitcoin Is Better for Society Than Fractional Reserve Banking


The Bitcoin industry is a bustling economy of its own, and there are many movements abound. We had the chance to speak with Dante Castiglione of to share a brief statement on some current highlights in the BTC industry. On Launching a Bitcoin Business First, I understand that good technologies need no alibi, they just take their place; and […]

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Chile Expands Asian Reach – BitNexo Wins BBVA Competition

Bitcoin Chile

There has been many triumphant companies in the BBVA. Spain’s second major bank has held the contest in Mexico City early September and with lots of fintech-focused companies from all over Latin America to take part in the competition. BitNexo, Chile’s premier fintech startup, has been named the winner of BBVA’s Open Talent 2015 content for Latin America. Everledger, a […]

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