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Disney in Talks with Bitstamp and Korbit Exchanges

Disney Bitcoin

It has been revealed that worldwide entertainment pioneer Disney has been clearly in talks with the organization NXC, which possesses the biggest computer game distributer in South Korea, just as two noteworthy cryptographic money trades: Bitstamp and Korbit. Disney itself has barely any involvement in the digital money industry, except for a dreary ICO venture named ‘DragonChain’ in 2017. While […]

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South Korea Pushes Forward with Reevaluation of Bitcoin Regulations

South Korea Bitcoin Regulation

Fairly recently, South Korean police have gotten the mastermind of a Bitcoin-fuelled Ponzi scheme in charge of producing nearly $19 million in income. The scam, called “M-Coin,” is said to have focused on those with poor comprehension of the innovation – for the most part older individuals, retirees, and housewives – with guarantees of free digital currency and enlistment rewards […]

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UN Expert Panel Says North Korea Has Been Stealing Millions of BTC

UN North Korea

North Korea has been taking a huge number of dollars from crypto trades in an offer to dodge monetary endorses and lift the economy, a United Nations expert board report has uncovered. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is supposedly occupied with expansive scale digital assaults and online burglary to dodge financial authorities. Previously, the nation has supposedly been effectively […]

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Japan Wants to Change Vulnerable Image after Hackings

Japan Bitcoin

The Financial Services Agency (FSA) of Japan is thinking about the endorsement of the nation’s first Bitcoin trade exchanged store (ETF). Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malta, and different districts have executed strict approaches on Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), observing suspicious exchanges and refusing unknown records from exchanging digital forms of money. With the lead of Japan […]

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South Korea Shows Promising Environment for Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin South Korea

As per Bitstamp, dealing with Bitcoin exchanges is a noteworthy advancement in guaranteeing that the gap among crypto and customary backing is decreased or totally wiped out. The crypto trade additionally sees the organization as a sign that their hunger for directions and consistency is satisfying in the end. Bitstamp is Belgium-South Korean owned and is claimed by NXMH which […]

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Komid Exchange Executives Face Jailtime over Faking Volumes

Komid Exchange

Seoul – Two leaders from the Korean cryptocurrency exchange Komid were sentenced to serve time in jail for their roles in orchestrating fraudulent trading volume reports on their platform. The pair allegedly used a bot to fake large orders in both cryptocurrencies and Korean won. The CEO of the company Choi Hyunsuk received a 3-year sentence while another company head […]

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South Korea Joins in Crypto Regulation with Bitcoin Crackdowns

South Korea Bitcoin Regulation

Seoul – The South Korean Ministry of Justice is thinking about an all-out prohibition on exchanging bitcoin, different cryptocurrencies and advanced tokens so as to shield people from potential tricks. The move comes as different governments over Asia add their examination on digital currencies. South Koreans are accepted to have been a noteworthy main impetus behind the persistent bitcoin price flood, […]

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Japan’s Coincheck to be Licensed This Year


Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) may put bitcoin and different digital forms of money under a solitary class “crypto-assets.” The activity is pointed by the legislature with the expectation that brokers will never again buy them trusting that they are legitimate delicate perceived by the administration. A report from the Japan News, that alludes to a report from the Yomiuri […]

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