What If Your Contents Could Be an Annual Pension?

UunioBitcoin Press Release: High quality content never gets old, and it keeps transcending different levels and will always be used for reference. This is one of the reasons why most successful content creators work tirelessly to come up with high quality contents that will always be referenced. The problem however is that these content creators are not rewarded enough for all the hard work they do. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube do nothing but share their content and collect most part of the profits. It is the joy of every good content creator to get adequately rewarded for their hard work, but despite all the effort they put into their work, they either get nothing or get very little compared to what the platforms are making off their sweat.

The Appearance of Reward-Driven Social Media Platform: Steemit

This blockchain-based social network platform was created for content creators to upload their wok and get paid, and contributors also get rewarded. Steemit has some similar functions with Reddit, because users can upvote posts and comments, and the content creators of the posts that get upvoted will get rewarded by the system with Steem and Steem Dollars. People will also get rewarded when they curate a content and make it popular. However, the strength of the votes and curation rewards is dependent on the amount of Steem Power owned by the voter.

Flaws in the Steemit System

Steemit has some flaws that are discouraging many content creators from joining the platform.

• Voting power on Steemit is based on how much money is available, and also, one vote’s value is totally dependent on the availability of Steem Power (SP). One other factor is the fact that substantial profit is only gotten when Whale users (users whose Steem power is high) recommend a post by upvoting it, this invariably means that if the Whales do not upvote a post, no matter how good the content is, there will be very little to gain. So voting is not really by how good the content is, but how many Whales upvote a post.

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• There is a profiting deadline for posts, as they only get rewarded for the first 7 days after posting. After the expiration of the deadline, no profits are made; no matter how many times the post gets recommended. In a proper system, good content should transcend time and be profitable; however, the reverse is the case with Steemit.

To deal with the flaws of the Steemit platform, a new platform has been created called UUNIO, and this revolutionary platform may just be the final blow to Steemit.

What is UUNIO?

UUNIO is a Contents Reward Platform that uses blockchain technology to monetize creator’s contents for a lifetime. It is a revolutionary platform that seeks to redefine the very idea of content creation and what it entails, as it sets out to be the first marketplace which puts content creators at the center of things and give them a ready market to monetize their knowledge and benefit from it directly. Unlike most social media platforms where users generate all the money for the platform in return for “free service”.  UUNIO is one that differentiates itself as every move, every content, and every interaction with other users on it can directly translate into tangible monetary benefits through its cutting-edge UNIFUL coins. In addition, UNIFUL Chain (its own blockchain) issues fixed amount of tokens every day for contents creators, contents curators, interest pool and node maintenance for each dApp using its Rest A.P.I.

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The UUNIO Solution

UUNIO is one that is different from all others due to some key features it has developed which will truly make content creators kings and afford them the due regard that all other platforms so far deny them. A content creator for example is able to directly determine the price at which their content should be sold, the revenue from which goes to them immediately via the UNIFUL coins. The platform is one that seeks to encourage creatives with all the tools they need to succeed that is why copyright protection and other enabling tools are put at the disposal of users, for them to get the full benefit from the brilliant content they put together every day.

  • Equality: Everyone on the platform has equal voting power, hence there are no “Whales” or superpowers as that privilege will get abused, and this will further eliminate the monopolization of power.
  • No Compensation Period: Users on previous platforms have had problems with the compensation limits set by the platforms. The case is different on the UUNIO platform, as there will be no expiry date on posts, no matter how old they get, they will still be recommended and compensated.

UUNIO is not a platform that is straddled on top of other ecosystems. It’s dedicated team of developers want the platform to be the all-powerful, and all-convenience content marketplace that is why it was built from the ground up with its unique blockchain, and a continued dedication to improving the system with regular updates over time.

Website: https://uun.io/

Whitepaper: https://uun.io/docs/whitepaper_eng.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/uunio_official

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