South Korean Movie Stars Try to Survive on Bitcoin for a Week

Bitcoin KoreaA South Korean broadcast TV slot, Asia Economic TV, has delivered and communicated an unscripted television show where two motion picture stars contended to live on bitcoin for seven days. Set in South Korea and San Francisco, the performing artists were tested to discover dealers who acknowledge bitcoin specifically. The name of this survival challenge is inexactly interpreted as “Stay Alive for a Week with Bitcoin.” It occurred in two nations with altogether different levels of Bitcoin selection.

On-screen character Kim Bo-sung spent seven days living on bitcoin in South Korea, while painter and performing artist Yun Song-ah did likewise in San Francisco, United States. Their Wikipedia pages demonstrate that Kim has been in 34 motion pictures and 13 TV arrangement, while Yun has been in 8 motion pictures and 10 TV shows. They have additionally both won various honors.
Stay Alive for a Week with Bitcoin

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The show differentiates how the two stars made due on bitcoin in the two areas. The guidelines expressed that they should discover shippers that acknowledge bitcoin straightforwardly and just utilize bitcoin for the week. The show tailed them as they spent it on sustenance, safe houses, travel and every single other movement amid that time.

Kim Bo-sung depicted himself as a “Bitcoin outlaw,” BNT News announced, including that the program indicated him utilizing bitcoin, for example, at an optician’s office, a flower specialist, a campground, and a chiropractor. It regularly took him a while to discover a seller that acknowledges bitcoin in South Korea.

3 Times a Week with Bitcoin

Yun Song-ah, then again, delighted in the high appropriation rate of shippers in San Francisco. She could discover many stores that acknowledge bitcoin and additionally Bitcoin ATMs to get dollars out to spend. She “sketched the Golden Gate Bridge, took-in sightseeing at Fisherman’s Wharf, felt the hippie culture in the streets of Mission Street and Hate & Ashbury Street, and visited the Coppola Winery, run by Francis Coppola,” the news outlet depicted.

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The showrunners clarified that the show exhibits totally extraordinary survival styles since San Francisco is among the spots where bitcoin is generally utilized, while it is the inverse in South Korea. The last scene of this arrangement was publicized a week ago. The head of South Korea’s national bank has precluded characterizing bitcoin as a cash, contending that digital currencies are a type of ware.

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