Digicoins: Bitcoin Is Better for Society Than Fractional Reserve Banking


The Bitcoin industry is a bustling economy of its own, and there are many movements abound. We had the chance to speak with Dante Castiglione of Digicoins.tk to share a brief statement on some current highlights in the BTC industry. On Launching a Bitcoin Business First, I understand that good technologies need no alibi, they just take their place; and […]

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Chile Expands Asian Reach – BitNexo Wins BBVA Competition

Bitcoin Chile

There has been many triumphant companies in the BBVA. Spain’s second major bank has held the contest in Mexico City early September and with lots of fintech-focused companies from all over Latin America to take part in the competition. BitNexo, Chile’s premier fintech startup, has been named the winner of BBVA’s Open Talent 2015 content for Latin America. Everledger, a […]

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The Philippines to Canada Connection – Rebit.ph and ZipZap Partnership

Rebit.ph ZipZap

Bitcoin transactions between the Philippines and Canada are on the rising trend due to an accumulative request for substitute remittance services. Overseas workers who are economically supporting their relatives are supporting the growth of the highly-evolving sector. The umbrella Bitcoin company Satoshi Citadel Industries’ Rebit.ph has partnered with California-based worldwide business network and monetary transfer platform, ZipZap, to enable Filipino […]

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Payment Processor ECommPay Opens Office in Singapore


Bitcoin Press Release: On September 9th Payment processor ECommPay opened its first Asian office in Singapore to serve clients in the market and those interested in entering it. As a global commercial centre, Singapore is ideally situated at the heart of Asian e-Commerce, attracting companies and specialists from around the world. The Singapore branch office is yet another step in […]

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DD4BC – Our Friendly Neighbourhood Extortionist Targets Finance Sector


Just as we try to raise the trust for cryptocurrency adoption, there are those who still use Bitcoin “for the dark side.” A new cybersecurity research released by Akamai Technologies, Inc.’s Prolexic Security Engineering & Research Team depicts an increase in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks from the famous Bitcoin extortionist group, DD4BC. DDoS attacks are definitely a serious […]

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24xbtc – The Great Way to Exchange Bitcoin and E-Currencies


Bitcoin Press Release: Today, we would want to present to you the service of electronic currencies’ exchange, input and output – 24xbtc.com. Using this service, you can exchange, input and output electronic money of such payment systems as: Webmoney, Bitcoin, BTC-E, PerfectMoney, QIWI, etc. 24xbtc.com exchange office works around the clock. The advantage of this service is the experience of […]

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Sync.com Now Accepts Bitcoin For Encrypted Cloud Storage and File Sharing


Bitcoin Press Release: Sync.com, the 100% private cloud storage and file sharing platform with over 100,000 users, announced today they now accept Bitcoin as a payment method, via BitPay. Toronto, Ontario – September 2, 2015 “Sync offers a completely private alternative to consumer grade cloud storage services such as Dropbox, through the use of zero-knowledge encryption. Simply put, we can’t […]

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Digital Currencies: A Reckoning of Aggressive Economic Advancement

Bitcoin Economics

There’s an interesting insight on the possible reasons why the idea of decentralisation of money has gained friction over the past couple of years. What ignites its relevance to an age of drastic and fragile transition to digital forms? Apart from the technicalities and advantages of the use of asymmetric cryptography to substitute the way we transact articles of trade, […]

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DXMarkets Part 2: Government Bodies Always Play the Catch-Up Game

Bitcoin trading

This is the second part of Coin News Asia’s exclusive two-part interview with Marcelo Garcia Casil, Co-Founder and CEO of DXMarkets. You may read the first part here. An Accomplishment Even though we started building the company over a year ago I would say that we’re really only in our infancy, so I feel that our greatest accomplishments are yet to […]

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DXMarkets Part 1: Beating the Crowd with Cryptocurrency


This is the first part of Coin News Asia’s exclusive two-part interview with Marcelo Garcia Casil, Co-Founder and CEO of DXMarkets, a premier Bitcoin exchange catering to a multitude of currencies. The Bitcoin Journey I heard about Bitcoin for the first time back in 2011, and actually downloaded a wallet and mining software, and had it running for a couple […]

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