Bitspark Links with Accenture’s Fintech Accelerator Innovation Lab


This year, Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab has been vigorously concentrating on offering chances to new companies to work with worldwide banks and budgetary foundations, and empower the new businesses to actualize their innovation inside of the banks’ bases and existing frameworks, to improve operations and to bolster its customers. A Bitcoin startup Hong Kong-based Bitspark has been one of the […]

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Bitcoin Company, BitX, Raises $4m Series A Focusing on SE Asia


Established in 2013, BitX gives a mixed bag of Bitcoin related administrations including Bitcoin wallets, a Bitcoin exchange, and a Bitcoin business incorporation. Centered in South East Asia, Bitcoin startup BitX has raised $4 million Series A in a round drove by South existing speculator Digital Currency Group. The organisation has as its expectations to make “cash frictionless and all […]

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We’ve been getting really good traction with our existing bills, payment and money transfer services after shifting to using blockchain in the background. We think this is the natural progression as far as being able to reach customers,” said, CEO Ron Hose. A lot of innovation has come from this Bitcoin startup, and now it has launched a mobile app […]

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Protestors Turn to Cryptocurrency to Interconnect Free from State Scrutiny

Digital Note

With regards to installment, Bitcoin Asia is as yet deficient behind time when contrasted with its Western counterpart. Visa utilization specifically is to a great degree low, and prepaid conveyance for Apple and Google Vouchers is still not accessible in many nations in the district. This makes the buying of virtual merchandise troublesome for users. In any case, e-installment arrangements, […]

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Hyderabad, India – Bitcoin financial tracker,, announced a new and instant search feature for bitcoin. Taking a cue from Google instant search, this innovative top-notch feature allows users to search multiple Bitcoin addresses on the fly and see their aggregated balance and transactions. There are several other Bitcoin block explorers out there like the Blockchain, Blockr and Biteasy. Instead of […]

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Bitcoin Vietnam Part 3: Bitcoin Represents Freedom and Hope


This is the final part of Coin News Asia’s exclusive three-part interview with Dominik Weil, co-founder of Bitcoin Vietnam. You may read the first part here and the second part here. The Best Times Well, the greatest accomplishments are of course when you get your first client, then your first dozen of clients, your first hundred clients… – when you build something, which […]

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Bitcoin Vietnam Part 2: Asia Is on the Way to Be the Financial Center of the World

Vietnam Bitcoin

This is the second part of Coin News Asia’s exclusive three-part interview with Dominik Weil, co-founder of Bitcoin Vietnam. You may read the first part here. Advantages of Operations Well – there is a lot of other Bitcoin start-ups out there, so it would be a kind of pretentious to declare that we have this or that killer feature in our team […]

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Bitcoin Vietnam Part 1: Let’s Face It; Europe and the Euro Are Done

Bitcoin Vietnam

This is the first part of Coin News Asia’s exclusive three-part interview with Dominik Weil, co-founder of Bitcoin Vietnam. On Launching the Business The administrative part was done pretty quickly – the company papers / seals etc. were all ready within a week from the initial filing and we were good to go. So it was not really a hurdle […]

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CoinGecko: No One Can Predict the Price of Bitcoin Accurately


A popular reference in Bitcoin and alternative currency charts, CoinGecko has proved to be a front runner in providing the cryptocurrency community with up to date data. Coin News Asia had managed to speak with Bobby Ong on this remarkable website. Coin News Asia: Tell us a bit about CoinGecko. What are some specific challenges you’ve encountered in mounting it? […]

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