New Blockchain-based Services: Russia and Western Governments

Bitcoin Conference Russia

Bitcoin Press Release: This year blockchain based services will simplify money transfer, purchasing and obtaining of documents in government agencies. US and EU banks are patenting new developments concerning transaction process acceleration and Visa has already launched an applications for car purchasing, service and insurance. Blockchain services are easy to use, safe and quite cheap for both funding recipient and […]

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Align Commerce Reduces Friction with Payments Rail to China

Align Commerce

Established by Marwan Forzley, a previous Western Union general manager, Align Commerce is looking to upset the little business cross-boundary installments market, one it accepts is described by high expenses and poor client experience. Prior to joining Western Union, Forzley was the founder of eBillme, an installments startup gained by the settlement tycoon. In spite of the fact that one of various […]

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Bitsharia Part 1 – Bitcoin Can Empower Local Businesses


Bitcoin in Indonesia has made some even grounds in the past few months. Here comes Bitsharia, “serving as a testing playground to integrate the beautiful philosophy of decentralized concept of bitcoin into normal daily trading and business activity.” Inspired by the good practice of Islamic sharia law, we have spoken with Mauriek Putranta to share more on this venture aiming […]

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E-Coin Integrates BitGo Instant & Welcomes Its 100,000th User


Bitcoin Press Release: London, February 5, 2016 — E-Coin would like to introduce BitGo Instant. Users of the popular E-Coin card now have the ability to send bitcoin and load their cards instantly, no longer having to wait for three confirmations. Users can send bitcoin from within the BitGo Instant network, currently consisting of 11 companies, and growing. BitGo has […]

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Dynamic Currency Conversion in Gaming: How to Make a Profit?


Bitcoin Press Release: A separate topic of Georgia Gaming Congress will be devoted to the currency conversion in online gaming. A player pays in GEL and an operator receives this payment in USD. Moreover, a company can make a profit on this transaction. How? Head of Global Sales DCC at FEXCO Roger Mechri will speak on this topic. Отдельной темой […]

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Bank of Korea Dips into the Blockchain, Calls for Cooperation

Bank of Korea

Regardless of the developing interest for Bitcoin among vendors and financial specialists, the all-inclusive community in Korea or the customer base which these dealers location are entirely skeptical against Bitcoin. The Bitcoin business and group in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea viewed as the mechanical center point of Southeast Asia have shown fast development, because of the rise […]

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Chinese Leader Alibaba to Use Blockchain for Cloud Service


Alipay, an online payment platform of Alibaba, announced it may supply a cloud service platform based on Blockchain technology. It has been revealed at Shanghai’s popular YunQi computing conference, according to a report in Blockcan, “北京时间1月20日,2016云栖大会上海峰会在上海科技馆召开,值得一提的是,阿里金融事业部成员在大会上透露了一个消息,该公司可能会提供基于区块链技术的云服务平台。” There are a number of financial institutions through the establishment of the blockchain. Investment-related technology companies in this area are laid out. With Nasdaq, […]

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Kraken Locks Investment from Japan’s SBI Holdings

Kraken SBI Holdings

There are a lot going on with the Bitcoin exchange market, and as the ecosystem gets crowded, more companies are looking for funding.  Japan’s driving funding firm SBI Investment has been uncovered as the premier investor in the Series B round of financing in Bitcoin exchange Kraken.  Kraken disclosed that it had secured a “multi-million dollar accord” with SBI Investment. The […]

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Coin of View – Your One Stop Resource on Top 300 Cryptocurrencies

Coin of View

Bitcoin Press Release: In addition, getting alternative coins is plain and simple. Just like Bitcoins, you can acquire them in trading exchange markets. For businesses that revolve around Bitcoin as their only method of payment, opening the doors to an altcoin is becoming a necessity. With Bitcoin’s somewhat slow confirmation times and quickly growing blockchain, keeping up with technology is […]

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