DD4BC – Our Friendly Neighbourhood Extortionist Targets Finance Sector

DD4BCJust as we try to raise the trust for cryptocurrency adoption, there are those who still use Bitcoin “for the dark side.” A new cybersecurity research released by Akamai Technologies, Inc.’s Prolexic Security Engineering & Research Team depicts an increase in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks from the famous Bitcoin extortionist group, DD4BC.

DDoS attacks are definitely a serious threat to look out for. As of right now, it appears that no specific industry is being focused on particularly, yet there is one general subject. The objectives we’ve seen so far have been those that depend on online exchanges to work, for example, budgetary organizations and coin trades.

“DD4BC has been using the threat of DDoS attacks to secure Bitcoin payments from its victims for protection against future attacks. The latest attacks – focused primarily on the financial service industry – involved new strategies and tactics intended to harass, extort and ultimately embarrass the victim publically,” said Stuart Scholly, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Security Division at Akamai.

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Casualties of the assaults get email messages from differing locations, and the kind of email got relies upon the target associations’ level of DDoS security. It’s comprehensible that some targets may think the email is rubbish and disregard it, but that’s not automatically the course of action. Of course, that doesn’t mean that paying the ransom is prudent either. That leaves targets with the choice of extenuating the attack, despite the emails unambiguously stating that trying to lessen the DDoS attack is futile. Whilst the good guys may claim that the attack is too immense for even the preeminent technology to handle, that’s just not true.

A few months ago, this group has extorted Bitcoin gambling sites like Nitrogen Sports. The gaming site claims that from a tech perspective, it was very difficult to protect themselves against the type of large scale DDoS attacks like the ones they’ve endured. Users have always been the first priority, and providing ongoing support is one thing they’ve done to alleviate the attacks.

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“This particular hacker has been attacking us since July. We actually did pay him for a while to buy ourselves some time to put additional protections in place,” said Nitrogen Sports. “He has escalated his attacks and his demand for money, and we felt that it was time to take a stand.”

“The hacker has told us that the reason our competitors aren’t experiencing downtime is because they’re paying. We have no way of verifying this, but the assertation does make sense.”

The bunch’s procedure commonly incorporates utilisation of multi-vector DDoS attack campaigns, returning to previous targets further consolidating Layer 7 DDoS in multi-vector attacks, particularly focusing on the WordPress pingback vulnerability. No doubt this is an occurrence the Bitcoin community should be observant about.

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