CryptoArticles Part 2: We Need to Make Bitcoin More Accessible

Bitcoin NewsCoin News Asia correspondent has managed to discuss with Serge Schout regarding how a Bitcoin enthusiast navigates around the market. This is the second part of the exclusive coverage. You can also check out Part 1 here.

On Other Crypto-Ventures

We still are top notch in our research and our objectivity. Currently, I am writing as a freelance investigative journalist at Bitcoinist. Now it is quite difficult to say to someone how to write excellent articles or “teaching” it to someone. There is a lot of testing and experimenting if you haven’t had descent courses.

One of the first things that you need to decide for yourself is: why do you want to write articles? If the answer is to inform and educate people, that is the only right answer here. If it is to hype up certain coins you should consider something else.

Now if you conclude that you want to inform and educate people about Bitcoin you need to do great research. How do you do that? That depends from person to person. I suggest following some courses at university or even reading some university books on how to do that might be in order. I can suggest books from the University of: Oxford, Cambridge, Ghent, etc. but you get the idea. Publications from reputable universities are preferable than some self-proclaimed “accredited” courses by someone who has a huge ego but not the credentials to back those claims up.

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I know this is hard to accept for some in the crypto community but universities, at least the reputable ones that I summed up just now (yes, there are others and you can find them if you do a search), develop and teach student important courses and lessons that other people that do not attend university does not necessarily possess or even think about. For example: determining good source material from bad source materials and how to incorporate said information.

Am I saying that only people with university degrees can be great writers or journalists? No of course not but the people that have a university degree do have a clear advantage over the ones that don’t. What I mean by that are people that are just coming in to journalism. So how to do relevant and unbiased research and how you incorporate said research in your article is one of the main rules that dictates if your article will be a good one or not. To summarise: know how to do excellent research, do the excellent research and then write about the subject that you did research on.

The Mainstream Bitcoin

In my opinion, we need to make Bitcoin more accessible for the general public. We can only accomplish that through education and explaining in simple terms that everyone can understand. Some of the community are calling people that know nothing about that “noobs” or put other labels on them. Personally I think we need to respect each other because everyone was a “noob” at some point in time. Calling people “noobs” isn’t helping the mainstream people to get interested in Bitcoin. I suggest that we call people new to Bitcoin Novices. This has a far more neutral tone to it than “noobs.”

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Another thing is that we seriously need to think about how to approach policy makers. We need to educate these policy makers about Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology. Currently there are a lot of elements lobbying against Bitcoin. If we do not educate policy makers, or at least have a line of communication to them, these policy makers will only listen to one side; the people that are lobbying against Bitcoin. So if we want to have Bitcoin in the mainstream communication with governments, policy makers, etc is paramount.

There are already examples out there where some Bitcoin communities have united to educate policy makers. The chamber of Digital Commerce is one such groups, the Belgian Bitcoin Association is another. The Belgian Bitcoin Association sat together with the Belgian government and gave information about Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology. Because of being able to talk and explain Bitcoin to the Belgian policy makers, the BBA was able to have a positive influence on the Belgian stance toward Bitcoin. I am a member of the Belgian Bitcoin Association and will continue to be so because of the need to educate people about Bitcoin.

To be continued…