China’s Passive Aggressive Relationship towards Bitcoin

Bitcoin Hong KongIn recent talk between Erik Crouch and Bobby Lee, CEO of BTCC, Mr. Lee stated,

“The great part is that in China, Bitcoin is very popular. There’s a lot of speculation, and a lot of mining activity, and a lot of traders. There’s huge interest, demand, and activity in China. Because people in China are buying and selling Bitcoin in boatloads, there’s a great liquidity in Bitcoin trading. It makes the prices much more stable, so bitcoin volatility has actually come down in the last two years – and that’s a great thing. You can fully attribute that to the fact that China is contributing liquidity.”

However, China’s special administrative region, Hong Kong, was lagging behind the world in terms of FinTech adoption as confirmed by the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI).

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China is a major deal in the realm of Bitcoin. A huge measure of “mining to find new coins  is presently done in the nation. China as of now has extremely propelled base for epayments since Bitcoin is utilized as a part of in the country in ways that it isn’t in different parts of the world.

As indicated by ASTRI, numerous money-related foundations in the locale still don’t fully comprehend Bitcoin’s fundamental innovation. The association highlighted its support by epitomizing the Blockchain-based applications it is making for cell telephone and Near Field Communications based undertaking level arrangements.

To add, China’s Great Firewall restriction mechanical assembly is wreaking Bitcoin’s innovative base. Since such an extensive amount Bitcoin transactions is executed inside of China, and in light of the fact that associations from China to different nations are moderated by the GFW, the whole worldwide system for Bitcoin is made slower.

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Blockchain innovation has effectively ended up being more than skilled while conveying a change to the managing an account and budgetary industry. On the off chance that Hong Kong needs to stay aware of other budgetary powerhouses of the world such as London and New York, then it needs to advance quickly. Bitcoin innovation is as of now being utilized for various purposes other than executing and recording bitcoin exchanges. It is time that Hong Kong adopted the latest technology in FinTech sector.

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