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Australia Aims to Be a Leading Market for FinTech innovation in Asia

Bitcoin Australia

Blockchain smart contracts startup RSK Labs has raised $1 million in seed funding in a round that included Bitmain Technology, Coinsilium, and Digital Currency Group. The organization’s stage is said to add worth and functionality to Bitcoin while in the meantime making what they claim is the most hearty and secure keen contract stage in the community; the platform likewise […]

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Japanese Tech Giant Hitachi Studies Blockchain through R&D Lab


Tokyo – Japanese technology conglomerate Hitachi is set to open a financial technology research laboratory in the US and has revealed its plans to establish a Financial Innovation Laboratory.  Operations are expected to commence from April 2016. Hitachi operates in a number of industries including IT, consumer electronics and power generation. The new laboratory will be based in the company’s […]

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New Blockchain-based Services: Russia and Western Governments

Bitcoin Conference Russia

Bitcoin Press Release: This year blockchain based services will simplify money transfer, purchasing and obtaining of documents in government agencies. US and EU banks are patenting new developments concerning transaction process acceleration and Visa has already launched an applications for car purchasing, service and insurance. Blockchain services are easy to use, safe and quite cheap for both funding recipient and […]

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E-Coin Integrates BitGo Instant & Welcomes Its 100,000th User


Bitcoin Press Release: London, February 5, 2016 — E-Coin would like to introduce BitGo Instant. Users of the popular E-Coin card now have the ability to send bitcoin and load their cards instantly, no longer having to wait for three confirmations. Users can send bitcoin from within the BitGo Instant network, currently consisting of 11 companies, and growing. BitGo has […]

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Gatecoin – Bitcoin Core Will Evolve in an Ethereum Direction

Gatecoin Ethereum

In a recent talk between Aurélien Menant, CEO at Gatecoin, with EconoTimes, he has claimed that Ethereum is solving some issues of bitcoin. Ethereum’s cryptocurrency, seems to be going strong. “Up until perhaps six months ago, the Foundation and its subsidiaries have been doing almost everything in the ecosystem; right now, the foundation and its subsidiaries are still doing much […]

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BitGold – This Is Not Cryptocurrency, This Is Actual Gold

Bitcoin Gold

Gold has been making very convoluted waves in the market nowadays. BitGold, by GoldMoney, said not long ago that it has connected to the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), through which the financier says it can empower installments crosswise over banks. What’s more, those installments come without what the firm says are the bothers and defers attached to remote trade […]

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Emercoin Partners with Microsoft to Deliver Blockchain Services

Emercoin Microsoft

Bitcoin Press Release: The Emercoin group is proud to announce they have formed a partnership with the Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) to deliver their blockchain services to the Azure cloud’s Blockchain-as-a-Service marketplace. Emercoin, a leading digital currency and blockchain platform has just partnered with Microsoft to become a member of the Azure marketplace. With demand growing for innovative, scalable blockchain services that […]

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