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DBS SG Says Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme while Chicago Firm Eyes Singapore

DRW Singapore

DRW, a Chicago-based firm, is hoping to set up a bitcoin exchanging work area in Singapore to penetrate the digital money market in Asia. The firm has been dabbling with bitcoin since 2014 by means of its division Cumberland Mining, which as of now offers over-the-counter bitcoin exchanging services in Chicago and London. Bobby Cho, the head of Cumberland, disclosed that […]

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South Korean Movie Stars Try to Survive on Bitcoin for a Week

Bitcoin Korea

A South Korean broadcast TV slot, Asia Economic TV, has delivered and communicated an unscripted television show where two motion picture stars contended to live on bitcoin for seven days. Set in South Korea and San Francisco, the performing artists were tested to discover dealers who acknowledge bitcoin specifically. The name of this survival challenge is inexactly interpreted as “Stay […]

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Hut34 Enables Artificial Intelligence to Interact and Monetise Data Information


Bitcoin Press Release: Sydney, Australia. With a world’s first technological and economic infrastructure to power the growth of the open global knowledge economy, Hut34 Project builds a world’s first open, platform agnostic network allowing ‘Chatbots’, IoT devices, and other digital services to communicate, share and monetise​ ​their​ ​data​ ​transactions. Whilst data volumes, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things […]

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Bitcoin on Its Way Up Despite Market Challenges


From $1000 to $6000 and the year isn’t over yet, bitcoin has certainly exceeded expectations and may be on its way to $10,000.  Vulnerability encompassing another conceivable split in bitcoin is weighing on the estimation of the several other advanced tokens that have been issued this year as the cost of the greatest digital currency takes off. In fact, Peter […]

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Blockchain Can Make the Internet a Safer and Faster Place


Content delivery networks have become an integral part of the internet as we know it today. To date, around 50 percent of websites and online services utilize a CDN, which provides notable benefits for both publishers and internet users. For publishers, a CDN helps reduce bandwidth usage, thus helping conserve on resources. A CDN also gives the added benefit of […]

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Canada-Based Payment Processing Company NetCents to Launch Its Own Coin


Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are sales of new digital coins for projects based on the blockchain technology of digital currencies, bitcoin and ethereum, and they are a big hit in the crypto ecosystem right now. Despite this fact, a Canadian payment processing company aims to launch its own coin without conducting an ICO. NetCents Technology Inc, or NetCents, a publicly-traded […]

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Esports Gold ICO Investors Lock-in Ethereum Price

esports gold ico

Bitcoin Press Release: London, Wednesday 25th October, 2017 – Esports Gold, a leading online media aggregator for the eSports community, has provided investors with the opportunity to lock-in the current value of Ethereum through its initial coin offering (ICO). Purchasers of its Esports Gold tokens (ESG) acquire a share of the betting revenues of the platform, allowing an effective cash […]

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