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Sentinel Protocol Aims to Bring Lasting Security Change to Cryptocurrencies in Asia

Sentinel Protocol

What would you do if you found yourself the victim of massive crypto theft? That’s exactly the situation that faced Sentinel founder and CEO Patrick Kim, who was the victim of an Ether wallet theft. In 2016, he lost 7,218 Ether (approximately $2 million USD at recent price points) from a geth-mist wallet. But the technology frontrunner was not alone. […]

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Finom Blockchain Corp Releases Mobile Crypto Broker


Bitcoin Press Release: TEUFEN, SWITZERLAND – Finom AG blockchain corporation announced a release of a mobile cryptobroker Beetle. The application is the first product of the united corp grown out of Nanopool, TabTrader trading terminal, Cryptonit exchange and Cryptal mining center. Finom promotes making the world of finance available to everyone. Thus, the new application features a user-friendly interface: with a […]

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Bitcoin Payment Processors in Indonesia Close Down after Regulatory Pressure

Bitcoin Indonesia

While Bitcoin keeps on ascending as far as market esteem is concerned, spreading far as recognition, and being used in a wide range of nations, things aren’t going so well for it over in Indonesia. The nearby controller has impacted two noteworthy Bitcoin payment processors to close themselves down, as Indonesia no longer perceives bitcoin as a substantial method of […]

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World’s First Blockchain Acquiring Cryptonex (CNX) Is Preparing for Launch


Bitcoin Press Release: In 2017 we are witnessing active cryptocurrency industry development. Companies seek to offer their solutions to pressing problems, for example, security establishment and speed of conversion. However, blockchain experts come to the conclusion that there is a question that is not solved yet. We are talking about acquiring. Instead of waiting until the global commercial companies endorse […]

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ATLANT Ends ICO Pre-Sale with Goals Achieved

Bitcoin Press Release: ATLANT ( announced the successful completion of its ICO presale, raising over $1 million in just a few days, exceeding its objectives. ATLANT is ending its ICO Presale on August 19, 2017 at UTC 00:00. Investors are welcome and encouraged to participate until that time. Full presale details are available at ATLANT’s website, ATLANT will now […]

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