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ALLN Walking Into Life for Bringing Various Applications


Bitcoin Press Release: Cryptocurrency is a technological innovation in recent years. At present, the world’s aviation industry accepting cryptocurrency is one of the few. Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as the issuer) strategically cooperate with Far Eastern Airline, recruiting the most advanced technical team dedicated to create cryptocurrency and announce that Airline and Life Networking Token (ALLN), the world’s […]

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Taiwanese Airline, Far Eastern Air Transport, Accepts Bitcoin

FAT Taiwan

Taiwanese carrier FAT Taiwan Inc. (Far Eastern Air Transport) declared as of late that it will acknowledge bitcoin installments, turning into the principal carrier in the nation to acknowledge cryptographic money for tickets in a developing pattern. FAT’s declaration states that the aircraft will acknowledge cryptographic money installments, to be specific Bitcoin, for tickets and travel-related benefits as it hopes […]

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Singapore and Taiwan Adamant against Money Laundering with Bitcoin

Singapore Taiwan

It is no secret that there are countries, which already made their position about the use of bitcoin. While some of them are positive about the use of this digital currency, there are also others that discouraged the use or even banned Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies. This is a defensive attempt by these countries to protect themselves from any […]

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Bitcoin Trading Scam Man “Ho” Arrested By the Taiwan Police

Taiwan Police

Taipei (臺北)– The executive of Digital Bitcoin Company was captured and gave over to the Taichung District Prosecutors Office, Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) authorities said in Taipei Friday.  Nearby compelling voices in Taiwan are said to have captured a man accepted to have coordinated a bitcoin exchange scam. The man, distinguished by police just by his surname Ho, amassed more […]

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BitQuick in the Dark after Server Attack, Assures Funds Are Secure

Bitquick Server Attack

Just a few days ago, we were in deep discussion with Jad Mubaslat of BitQuick on his payment solutions platform. We covered dealing with fiat currency, Bitcoin services, and the importance of cryptocurrencies. Now after a few maintenance sessions, BitQuick is down for a indefinite time. We are temporarily down for unexpected maintenance. All funds are secure, and withdrawal requests […]

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PKI Sign Patent and Bitcoin Vouchers Found in Taiwan


There is no installment without security. In this class, Contactless Intelligence searched for the most persuading samples regarding brilliant security instruments used to secure exchanges – from the utilization of cryptocurrencies to biometrics. PKI framework has been ended up being a dependable and secure standard for quite a long time, and today PKI is a business sector standard and has […]

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Bitquick 3 – Without Cryptocurrencies, We Risk on Missing out on Something Greater


Bitcoin’s infrastructure is still in its early stage, although the promise is certainly there. Bitcoin still has a lot to prove its worth over existing digital payments. We continue to explore Bitquick through this three-part discussion with Jad Mubaslat. You may read the first part here and the second part here. Coin News Asia: What can you say about online gambling […]

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Bitquick 2 – There Needs to Be More Services on Top of Bitcoin


One of the reasons Bitcoin is so popular among traders is its flexibility and convenience. Bitcoin crosses the international boundaries that online trades often straddle with ease through the blockchain. There is no need to convert dollars to another arbitrary currency or to have to wait for an international transaction to push through. We continue to explore Bitquick through this […]

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Bitquick 1 – We Never Have to Deal with Fiat Currency


There are so many risks associated with currency and financial system stability. By offering some basic bitcoin protections, BitQuick aims to serve the underbanked market while positioning itself as more secure and convenient than competitors. Coin News Asia had the chance to speak with Jad Mubaslat of Bitquick to explore on this venture more. Coin News Asia: Hi Jad, let’s […]

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Bitcoin Is Now Illegal in Taiwan, $2 Million Paid to Kidnappers

Bitcoin Banned in Taiwan

With good movement going on in Taiwan for bitcoin as the cryptocurrency reaches a decent amount of convenience stores, the declaration made by the Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) Tseng Ming-chung 曾銘宗 to make bitcoin illegal in the country this Monday has drawn the cryptocurrency a close in its involvement in further Taiwanese businesses. When Chairman Tseng was […]

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