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Pundi X ICO Backed by Angel Investors NEM President and OmiseGo Investor


Bitcoin Press Release: Jakarta, Indonesia – Pundi X, a blockchain startup that aims to make cryptocurrencies an enabler of ubiquitous cashless payment environments across South East Asia, is pleased to announce several key appointments to strengthen its roster of angel investors and advisers including Professor David Lee Kuo Chen, a Stanford scholar and angel investor in OmiseGo and Kyber; Lon Wong, […]

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Hut34 Enables Artificial Intelligence to Interact and Monetise Data Information


Bitcoin Press Release: Sydney, Australia. With a world’s first technological and economic infrastructure to power the growth of the open global knowledge economy, Hut34 Project builds a world’s first open, platform agnostic network allowing ‘Chatbots’, IoT devices, and other digital services to communicate, share and monetise​ ​their​ ​data​ ​transactions. Whilst data volumes, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things […]

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Pundi X Boosts ICO with Free Offer of First Cryptocurrency POS Device


Bitcoin Press Release: Jakarta, Indonesia – Oct. 25, 2017 – Buying and selling cryptocurrency has never been easier, with the innovative ICO from Pundi X now delivering the market’s first POS device free to early investors who contribute more than 30 ETH or 1.5 BTC from a single bitcoin or Ethereum address. From now until December 20, throughout the remainder […]

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Esports Gold ICO Investors Lock-in Ethereum Price

esports gold ico

Bitcoin Press Release: London, Wednesday 25th October, 2017 – Esports Gold, a leading online media aggregator for the eSports community, has provided investors with the opportunity to lock-in the current value of Ethereum through its initial coin offering (ICO). Purchasers of its Esports Gold tokens (ESG) acquire a share of the betting revenues of the platform, allowing an effective cash […]

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PlayMarket 2.0 in Full Swing with $350 Thousand Closed from Funding Round

Playmarket 2.0

Bitcoin Press Release: With the recent trend of Android instant apps getting leaner and faster, more users are relying more in mobile technology in order to navigate everyday activities. Google has even updated its instant app programming so that the app only loads the data it needs to run on a specific device. And with the crypto ecosystem booming with […]

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Institutional Investors Are Finally Served with a Compatible Crypto Exchange


Bitcoin Press Release: Some of the most important concerns of large investors while considering an investment opportunity are the security of their investments in the face of eventualities, the efficiency of the operational processes and the level of transparency that the investment platform offers. The inability of any of investment platform to optimize it services based on all the identified […]

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