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Bitcoin Vietnam Part 1: Let’s Face It; Europe and the Euro Are Done

Bitcoin Vietnam

This is the first part of Coin News Asia’s exclusive three-part interview with Dominik Weil, co-founder of Bitcoin Vietnam. On Launching the Business The administrative part was done pretty quickly – the company papers / seals etc. were all ready within a week from the initial filing and we were good to go. So it was not really a hurdle […]

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CoinGecko: No One Can Predict the Price of Bitcoin Accurately


A popular reference in Bitcoin and alternative currency charts, CoinGecko has proved to be a front runner in providing the cryptocurrency community with up to date data. Coin News Asia had managed to speak with Bobby Ong on this remarkable website. Coin News Asia: Tell us a bit about CoinGecko. What are some specific challenges you’ve encountered in mounting it? […]

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Keynote 2015: Rebooting Finance with a New Kind of Ledger

Keynote 2015

Bitcoin Press Release: On August 3rd 2015, the FinTech conference Keynote2015 will be landing in Los Angeles tounpack distributed ledgers – the tech behind bitcoin – and enlighten participants as to how theycan revolutionize the financial world with this radical new ledger. Geared for those that want to know not only how this new disruptive tech works, but how it can […]

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Vietnam Adds Its First Bitcoin Merchant

Bitcoin Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City; Vietnam – Bitcoin Vietnam, Vietnam’s first Bitcoin Exchange noted today that Vietnam has its’ first bricks and mortar business accepting Bitcoin. “The move to accepting digital currency for products and services in Vietnam has been expected for some time. Bitcoin Vietnam’s exchange was set up last year to help service what is expected to be a […]

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SatoshiTango: Bitcoin Is Disrupting the Remittance Market in Asia


One of the offerings of Argentina to the Bitcoin community is SatoshiTango. This startup proves to be a player and a believer in the cryptocurrency movement. I had the chance to speak with Matías Bari to talk more about expansion plans and of course the potential of Bitcoin in the industry. Jay-R Gatdula: Every Bitcoin enthusiast has gone through a […]

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Maicoin: We Wish the Taiwanese Government Would Step Forward for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Taiwan

When it comes to Taiwanese startups, a real player in the cryptocurrency scene is Maicoin which recently introduced Bitcoin transactions to convenience stores in the country. Coin News Asia had the chance to speak with Nick Chang on this remarkable company. Coin News Asia: Hi, Nick. How did you guys mount Maicoin? Nick Chang: It took us 6 months to […]

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Analisis-Bitcoin: We Need to Make Bitcoin a Simple Product


Another new comer with good belief in the Asian market, Analisis-Bitcoin proves that products need to be perfected before hitting the market. Coin News Asia had a chance to speak with Carlos Vicioso to talk about this Bitcoin startup. Coin News Asia: Hi Carlos. What is Analisis-Bitcoin? How long did it take you to launch your business?  Carlos Vicioso: I have spent about […]

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Bitcoin Kan: 我们的下一步业务目标是拓展海外市场,布局钱包等业务。


The Chinese market has one of the most erratic relationship with cryptocurrency as volatile as the Bitcoin value itself. Coin News Asia had the chance to speak with Leon Lau on Bitcoin Kan, one of the trusted Chinese Bitcoin market information resource to spot light Bitcoin in Asia in its finest. Coin News Asia: Hi Leon, thank you for indulging […]

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