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Bitquick 3 – Without Cryptocurrencies, We Risk on Missing out on Something Greater


Bitcoin’s infrastructure is still in its early stage, although the promise is certainly there. Bitcoin still has a lot to prove its worth over existing digital payments. We continue to explore Bitquick through this three-part discussion with Jad Mubaslat. You may read the first part here and the second part here. Coin News Asia: What can you say about online gambling […]

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Bitquick 2 – There Needs to Be More Services on Top of Bitcoin


One of the reasons Bitcoin is so popular among traders is its flexibility and convenience. Bitcoin crosses the international boundaries that online trades often straddle with ease through the blockchain. There is no need to convert dollars to another arbitrary currency or to have to wait for an international transaction to push through. We continue to explore Bitquick through this […]

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Bitquick 1 – We Never Have to Deal with Fiat Currency


There are so many risks associated with currency and financial system stability. By offering some basic bitcoin protections, BitQuick aims to serve the underbanked market while positioning itself as more secure and convenient than competitors. Coin News Asia had the chance to speak with Jad Mubaslat of Bitquick to explore on this venture more. Coin News Asia: Hi Jad, let’s […]

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The Concept of Blockchain Will Take Off for Sure

Indonesian Bitcoin

Bitcoin combines the best of both worlds as a commodity and currency. But more importantly, it brings much needed legitimacy and an indication of public’s perception towards Bitcoin. Regardless, it’s great to see Bitcoin use being prominent and increasing around the world. We continue our discussion with Oscar Darmawan of Bitcoin Indonesia. You may read the first part here, the […]

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Bitcoin Will Be More Accepted in Ecommerce Says BTC Indonesia

Indonesia Bitcoin

This is the second part of Oscar Darmawan’s extensive brief in Bitcoin in Indonesia and You may read the first part here. Apart from this narrative, Oscar has previously provided an interview in two parts which can be found here and here.   Bitcoin’s confirmation needs to be faster in every transaction, just like back on the old days. Nowadays, Bitcoin’s […]

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Indonesia Is the Perfect Market for Bitcoin to Grow

In another special coverage of the cryptocurrency movement in Indonesia, Oscar Darmawan shares his insights on bitcoin and how far has developed since we last covered it. You can read our exclusive interview with Oscar for Bitcoin Indonesia in two parts here and here. The rise of bitcoin in Indonesia is steady. Let’s see what Oscar has to say: […]

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IDSOption 3 – There Is Nothing as Simple as Bitcoin

IDS Option

Bitcoin binary options is the latest medium through which average users, who have welcomed the virtual currency in their lives, can increase their earnings. Since it is powered by Bitcoin, the already attractive binary trading has been made even more appealing and, more importantly, profitable. Indeed, Bitcoin binary options trading poses significant advantages over traditional binary trading, and it presents […]

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IDS Option 2 – China Is a Core Country of Bitcoin


Binary options trading became a huge hit among investors and ordinary people yearning to gain profits by investing in assets online without the complicated processes and requirements demanded from traders. Now that Bitcoin is beginning to broaden its reach to more services and industries, we see the rise of Bitcoin binary options. Indeed, Bitcoin gaming offers various avenues to reach […]

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IDSOption 1 – The Core of Bitcoin Is to Remit without Supervision

Bitcoin Binary Options

Gaining profits through trading Bitcoin binary options is not an impossible task as long as the right winning strategies, skills, and systems are observed. This holds the same for Bitcoin trading, which is more popular among users all over the world. Coin News Asia had the chance to speak with one of the directors of IDS B2B Ltd, Fred Ki, […]

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