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Various Payment Options in Online Casinos


Online casinos have increasingly become popular in the recent past thanks to many players in the industry. Game developers are also coming up with better games and better user experience in casino sites to encourage new players. In fact, the same experience that you would have playing in a physical casino in Vegas is the same one that you’ll enjoy […]

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Free Bitcoins: Are They Really Worth It?

Free Bitcoins

You’re casually browsing the internet, reading articles, watching videos, or searching for some information. At one point of time, you accidentally (or intentionally) come across a website offering you free bitcoins in exchange for something as simple as clicking. What do you do? These websites are also known as bitcoin faucets. If you’re familiar with bitcoins and you’re looking for […]

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Digital Currencies: A Reckoning of Aggressive Economic Advancement

Bitcoin Economics

There’s an interesting insight on the possible reasons why the idea of decentralisation of money has gained friction over the past couple of years. What ignites its relevance to an age of drastic and fragile transition to digital forms? Apart from the technicalities and advantages of the use of asymmetric cryptography to substitute the way we transact articles of trade, […]

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Bitcoin Price Drops Again – Beginning of Another Meltdown?

Bitcoin Price Drop

Bitcoin price just dropped 15%. It gradually drew nearer the 1-day outline moving midpoints, as though to close the downdraft, and after that dive to the bolster floor. It slammed from $250 to $163 on Bitcoin trade BitFinex. The drop in the USD/BTC exchange was immediately reflected on other Bitcoin exchanges. Cost is at present exchanging around our auxiliary focus […]

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Forget Sex Ed; Let’s Teach High Schoolers Bitcoin

Teach Bitcoin

All around the world, particularly in countries with successful tech economies like the United States, people are calling for schools to teach programming. Some believe that it should be offered as an elective, while others believe it should be a fixture of the core curriculum. Some argue that it should be made available during high school, while others are pushing […]

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