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Bitcoin Mining Documentary by BTCC Aired in China

China Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin’s infrastructure is still in its early stage, although the promise is certainly there. In order to increase their chances, Bitcoin miners have large numbers of computers with specialised hardware that consume significant amounts of electricity. For miners, electricity usage is the majority of the cost of producing bitcoins and this is why China, with its relatively low energy costs, […]

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Why Is Bitcoin out of the Question for Most Chinese Investors

Bitcoin Yuan

The Chinese economy is not working right. The stock and financial markets have never been shakier for a very long time in the world’s second-largest economy and leading supplier of industrial products. On 7th February 2016, the People’s Bank of China disclosed that the country’s foreign exchange reserve had fallen by a whopping $99.5 billion just in the month of […]

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The Great Firewall of China – China’s Economic Security

Chinese Firewall

The volume of Bitcoin transactions is a potent factor in the growth of Bitcoin adoption and the high trading volume significantly hints huge progress for Bitcoin. Having said that, the hope to register immense Bitcoin progress in 2016 strengthens and becomes more concrete. Hence, what’s the matter with expanding the square size limit? This is the issue that a bit […]

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IDS Option 2 – China Is a Core Country of Bitcoin


Binary options trading became a huge hit among investors and ordinary people yearning to gain profits by investing in assets online without the complicated processes and requirements demanded from traders. Now that Bitcoin is beginning to broaden its reach to more services and industries, we see the rise of Bitcoin binary options. Indeed, Bitcoin gaming offers various avenues to reach […]

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Align Commerce Reduces Friction with Payments Rail to China

Align Commerce

Established by Marwan Forzley, a previous Western Union general manager, Align Commerce is looking to upset the little business cross-boundary installments market, one it accepts is described by high expenses and poor client experience. Prior to joining Western Union, Forzley was the founder of eBillme, an installments startup gained by the settlement tycoon. In spite of the fact that one of various […]

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Chinese Leader Alibaba to Use Blockchain for Cloud Service


Alipay, an online payment platform of Alibaba, announced it may supply a cloud service platform based on Blockchain technology. It has been revealed at Shanghai’s popular YunQi computing conference, according to a report in Blockcan, “北京时间1月20日,2016云栖大会上海峰会在上海科技馆召开,值得一提的是,阿里金融事业部成员在大会上透露了一个消息,该公司可能会提供基于区块链技术的云服务平台。” There are a number of financial institutions through the establishment of the blockchain. Investment-related technology companies in this area are laid out. With Nasdaq, […]

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Bitcoin Transactions Soar at BTCC while China Hits Low


Last week, Digital Asset silencing rumors of raising upwards of $50m from 13 major financial institutions was laid to rest. The $50m round is the biggest to date for a startup looking to utilize private or permissioned blockchain innovation, which dissimilar to the open-source bitcoin system, is purposed for use by a chose number of trusted foundations for use cases […]

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Blockchain to Boost Remittance Services in Asia

Bitcoin Remittance

According to the World Bank Group’s Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD) initiative, the top 10 migrant destination countries were the United States, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Russia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom, France, Canada, Spain and Australia. The top 10 migrant source countries were India, Mexico, Russia, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and United Kingdom. […]

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