Brings Instant Search to Bitcoin

BlockonomicsHyderabad, India – Bitcoin financial tracker,, announced a new and instant search feature for bitcoin. Taking a cue from Google instant search, this innovative top-notch feature allows users to search multiple Bitcoin addresses on the fly and see their aggregated balance and transactions.

There are several other Bitcoin block explorers out there like the Blockchain, Blockr and Biteasy. Instead of being a block explorer, Blockonomics aims to abstract the details of blockchain and become the one stop destination for tracking users’ Bitcoin finances.

Blockonomics has come a long way since their alpha launch in December of 2014. It now allows users to monitor balances of addresses, get email alerts on credits/debits, see visualization of wallet transactions, tag addresses, and more.

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Developed by Crypt ETech Solutions Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, India;  Blockonomics began as an address watcher with an idea to ease the managed lookup of Bitcoin addresses. Existing tools were too complex and confused novice users with technology jargons like blocks, numbers, and transaction outputs.  Also tracking bitcoins from multiple places like cold storages or desktop/web wallets was becoming a headache. This tool was envisaged to ease that very process.

The Blockonomics wallet watcher only needs its users’ public Bitcoin address and never ask for private keys. All features are accessible to guest users without signing-up. With the Blockonomics wallet watcher, users can track transactions and the balances of all their public Bitcoin addresses at one place. Users can get a quick overview of pending transactions on the Blockchain, subscribe to a human-friendly email notifications for confirmations, label their addresses to easily identify transactions, and view graphs of past activity on their addresses.

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Looking forward, Blockonomics has plenty more enhancements in mind for the future such as support for BIP32 HD wallets, bulk import of addresses, a mobile app with push notifications, API, advanced visualization of user’s bitcoin financial spending are some of the planned features. Check out their recent buzz on Reddit here.