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Qtum Aims to Make Southeast Asia the Silicon Valley of the Blockchain Space


Southeast Asia is arguably the most dynamic part of the world economy – the region has to some extent become the workshop of the world. It is not surprising therefore to find its companies at the forefront of developments in the cryptocurrency sector. One of the rising stars of the industry is Qtum, based in Singapore. Singapore is a Mandarin […]

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Traders Eye Feds as Mixed Developments on Asian Stocks Start

Federal Reserve

Asian values exchanged blended and money markets were curbed toward the beginning of seven days that is probably going to be commanded by the Federal Reserve’s strategy meeting. Stock benchmarks prodded down in Japan and Korea and rose in Australia, while flagged fates picked up in Hong Kong. Financial specialists are evaluating the ramifications of another head at China’s National […]

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Remittance Market Still the Target of Asian Bitcoin Companies

Bitcoin Remittance

Hong Kong/Seoul – Bitcoin, battered by notices about instability and bubble-like consideration, may have figured out how to assume a specialty part in a major market: abroad cash exchanges. Utilized as an exchange component instead of a cash, bitcoin evades banks’ exchange charges. New businesses, for example, Bitspark in Hong Kong, and Bloom, Payphil, and Satoshi Citadel Industries’ (SCI) […]

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North Korea Obtained 11,000 Bitcoins, Uses Them to Get Around US Sanctions

Bitcoin North Korea

The US continues forcing new endorsements on North Korea over its atomic program, however they’re not changing Kim Jong Un’s conduct — and for an astonishing reason: Pyongyang’s ability at utilizing cryptographic forms of money. Five days prior, America endorsed many boats, shipping organizations, and different firms that supposedly enable Pyongyang to subsidize its atomic and rockets programs. That move […]

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Crypto Selloff Continues in Asia, SBI Ripple Asia Forms Consortium

SBI Ripple

SBI Ripple Asia is shaping a consortium that will look into the utilization of dispersed record innovation in securities items. As indicated by a declaration, the organization – a joint venture between Japanese investment firm SBI and San Francisco-based DLT installment startup Ripple – said the new consortium will see joint endeavors from 18 securities firms to look into and […]

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North Korean Hackers Are Mining Bitcoins and Altcoins

Bitcoin Mining North Korea

After the quick late ascent in estimation of bitcoin, North Korean programmers are discreetly seizing control of other individuals’ PCs so as to mine digital currencies. It’s expected that North Korean hackers are going to progressively target digital currency trades and commandeer PCs with a specific end goal to raise subsidizes under strict financial consequences. A North Korean hacking bunch, […]

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Japan’s GMO Internet Offers to Pay Employees in Bitcoin

GMO Internet

Fairly recently, examiners Yoshiyuki Suimon and Kazuki Miyamoto assert that bitcoin will help Japan in a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increase in 0.3% heading into the initial three months of 2018. Toward the finish of 2017, the cryptographic money bragged a ¥12 trillion market capitalization, and if patterns proceed into early this year, that could convert into lifting Japanese individual […]

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Asia, from South Korea, Has Become Reluctant with Bitcoin

Korea Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been hailed as the best mechanical development of our opportunity, yet it appears that South Korea, a standout amongst the most inventive communities, is presently not just surrendering its part as a pioneer in the field but is forcefully battling the cryptocurrency. A few eyewitnesses recommend the legislature has many motivations to fear bitcoin, not the minimum of […]

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South Korean Bitcoin Exchange Goes Bankrupt, Singapore Warns Investors

Bitcoin Singapore Korea

South Korean bitcoin exchange Youbit is petitioning for bankruptcy after it was hacked for the second time this year. The move to announce indebtedness comes in spite of Youbit’s portrayal of the assault as less serious than an interruption last April. Clients may not see full return of assets, an announcement stated, however the trade will dispense the cryptographic money […]

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South Korean Officials Crack Down on Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin Korea

The South Korean Ministry of Justice is thinking about an aggregated restriction on exchanging bitcoin, different cryptographic forms of money, and computerized tokens, keeping in mind the end goal of shielding people from potential tricks. The move comes as different governments over Asia increment their investigation on cryptographic forms of money. The South Korean government is thinking about a scope […]

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