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South Korean Man Who Ran Child Exploitation Site Busted Using BTC Transactions

Jong Woo Son

For right around three years, “Welcome To Video” was a secret nook for individuals who exchanged clasps of youngsters being explicitly attacked. There, on the darknet’s biggest known site of child exploitation recordings, many clients from around the globe got materials that show the sexual maltreatment of children as young as a half-year old. At that point everything started to […]

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North Korea Is Currently Developing Its Own Cryptocurrency

North Korea Cryptocurrency

North Korea is building up its own national computerized cash. The pattern pursues a significant rundown of different nations, prevalently in Asia and the Middle East like Iran and China and is likely an endeavor to obstruct present U.S. sanctions. From one viewpoint, any national endeavor including advanced resources is probably going to push the business forward, and yet, what […]

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Cryptocurrency Exchange OKEx Korea Delists Privacy Coins

Okex Korea

The exchange support for the five coins will end on Oct. 10, while withdrawal administrations will stop on Dec. 10, OKEx Korea declared Monday. The trade said the choice has been taken as these coins “damage” the Financial Action Task Force (FATF’s) “travel rule.” In June, the FATF, the worldwide illegal tax avoidance guard dog, issued its last crypto rules, […]

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Huobi Global Announced ‘Acute Angle’ Blockchain Phone

Acute Angle

A less expensive blockchain phone is appearing in Southeast Asia, with a U.S. what’s more, European dispatch guaranteed sooner rather than later. Huobi Global declared the dispatch of the “Acute Angle” blockchain phone for $515. The Acute Angle is made by Whole Network, a startup that Huobi put resources into. Likewise Whole Network’s NODE token will be recorded on Huobi […]

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CoinFLEX Targets Asia Traders with Physical Delivery for Bitcoin Futures


New digital money prospects trade CoinFlex, which professes to be the world’s first trade that offers physical conveyance for bitcoin futures contracts, needs to increase business from Asian retail financial specialists who need to abstain from succumbing to cost control that it says is widespread in real money repayment contracts. Mark Lamb, CEO of the Hong Kong-based organization, said contracts […]

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South Korean Powerhouse Samsung Releases Bitcoin Support to Keystore

Samsung Bitcoin

South Korean tech powerhouse, Samsung, has released the organization’s new blockchain KeystoreSDK for engineers and it will bolster Bitcoin (BTC). Samsung reported  that it would add BTC support to its Keystore Software Development Kit (SDK), which will be on the Samsung S10 phone. Beforehand the Keystore just supported Ethereum (ETH) and tokens consistent with Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. Samsung will enable […]

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Governments to Use Cryptocurrency System to Prevent Money Laundering

Governments Cryptocurrency

Japanese crypto trade Bitpoint is continuing some exchanging administrations following a $28 million hack in mid-July. Now, Bitpoint is re-opening money stores and withdrawals in fiat monetary standards following a security appraisal of the trade’s digital currency wallet. Meanwhile, various nations have plans to make another framework to gather and share personal information on people who direct digital money exchanges. […]

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North Korea Steals $2 Billion from Financial Institutions

North Korea

A board checking U.N. assents says North Korean digital specialists have illicitly fund-raised for the nation’s weapons of mass demolition programs with complete continues to date assessed at up to $2 billion. The specialists said in another report to the Security Council that North Korea is utilizing the internet to dispatch progressively modern assaults to take assets from money-related foundations […]

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Swedish Crypto Fraudster Roger Karlsson Arrested in Thailand over $11m Scam

Bitcoin Roger Karlsson

On June 18, a Swedish man named Roger Nils-Jonas Karlsson was captured by Thailand’s Central Investigation Bureau police for multi-million dollar misrepresentation on the Island of Koh Chang, Thailand. Being in Interpol Red Warrant Issued by US Authorities, Karlsson was blamed for conniving with 12 others to cheat a huge number of unfortunate victims by means of digital currency sites. […]

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