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New Cryptocurrency Bilur Meant for Oil Resources Pegs against Bitcoin


In Geneva, another virtual cash propelled to tackle industry pioneer bitcoin by pegging its incentive to hard oil resources, a first in the quickly developing computerized cash division. The cryptocurrency called “Bilur” and made by London-based budgetary administrations organization R Fintech utilizes the innovation spearheaded by bitcoin, while attempting to offer an option for those fatigued of the wild vacillations […]

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Bitcoin Continues to Be a Speculative Investment in SEA

Bitcoin South East Asia

Headquartered in Singapore, Luno permits clients to purchase, offer and store the computerized cash. It works in a few nations around the globe including the U.K., South Africa and Nigeria. In Southeast Asia, Luno has operations in Malaysia, one of its biggest markets, and additionally in Indonesia, where action has been developing reliably. In Southeast Asia, Bitcoin is picking up […]

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GBMiners Loses Software Vendor Because of Connection to Ponzi Scheme


Prior this year, an association between the generally new bitcoin mining pool GBMiners and India-based, bitcoin-centered Ponzi conspirant GainBitcoin was found. The aftermath from this revelation has now prompted GBMiners’ product seller, Darwin Labs, finishing their association with the bitcoin mining pool. A while ago when the association amongst GBMiners and GainBitcoin was initially uncovered, Darwin Labs CEO Sahil Baghla […]

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Serial Business Visionaries Push Satoshi Studios

Satoshi Studios

Taking after demonetisation, the e-wallets saw a sudden surge in India, and from that point forward they’ve developed exponentially. Today, in any case, blockchain — an appropriated database that keeps up constantly developing rundown of records — is by all accounts the name of the diversion. There are likewise a few traders like Newegg, Dell, Expedia, Overstock and Microsoft who […]

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Pakistani Hospital Paves Way for Crypto by Accepting Cryptocoins


Abid Hospital turns into Pakistan’s first medical facility to acknowledge Pakcoin – Pakistan’s first computerized cash or cryptocurrency. It is the main ever medical facility in Asia to acknowledge cryptocurrency as an option for payment. Pakcoin is the restricted variant of Bitcoin. For the general populace, Bitcoin is a type of advanced cash, made and held electronically. It has no […]

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Onecoin and Other Scams Are Fended Off in Africa

Onecoin Africa

As the Onecoin phenomena strengthens, so is the African awareness of this coin. African experts need to separate in the vicinity of Onecoin and Bitcoin, and in addition different cryptocurrencies, instead of dependably place them together when conveying notes of alert, some Bitcoin fans in Africa have said. Their remarks come in the wake of a current Bank of Uganda […]

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Blockchain Entrepreneurs Acceleration in SEA Supported by Satoshi Studios


Blockchain is in its ninth year of presence. The innovation or all the more ideally, the upheaval is gradually making up for lost time in India in the previous couple of years. With government’s drives for Digital Transformation like Digital India, Startup India, Cashless Economy and so forth, individuals have been taking a gander at new tech companies to initiate […]

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Pakistan Set to Become a Major Bitcoin Hub


Pakistan is now the seventh most crowded nation on the planet with around 202 million inhabitants. Today, the nation displays numerous attributes ready for quickened Bitcoin appropriation. A Bitcoin website has talked about Bitcoin slants in Pakistan with Danyal Manzar, the prime supporter of Pakistan’s first and biggest bitcoin exchanging platform, Urdubit. Notwithstanding having no access to Paypal, Pakistan still […]

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Satoshi Studios Premier as Southeast Asia’s First Bitcoin Startup Incubator

Satoshi Studios

Southeast Asia has finally got its first Bitcoin startup incubator, with the dispatch of Satoshi Studios in Delhi. Named after Satoshi Nakamoto, the baffling maker of Bitcoin, the incubator will give a three-month escalated program for new businesses in the district. The inaugural program will initiate in April of this year. Lots of chosen startups and companies will work with […]

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