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Coinify Targets SE Asia with Payssion, Finnovasia Blockchain Panel Inspires Interest

Coinify Finnovasia

Partnerships are made all the time, and this time in order to target South East Asia, payment solutions provider Coinify partners with Payssion. This partnership with the Hong Kong-based company will give Coinify the chance for expansion with regard to its services empowering all dealers on the online stage to acknowledge bitcoins. Coinify will give an essential installment base to […]

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Australian Entrepreneur Craig Wright Suspected to Be Satoshi Nakamoto

Craig Wright

The authorities raid a house of an Australian business visionary and scholar, who tech distributions state was vital to production of cryptocurrency and could be the pseudonymous figure known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Since that figure initially discharged Bitcoin’s code on the 9th of January, 2009, Nakamoto’s smart advanced coin has developed from a geek oddity to a sort of monetary […]

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CryptList Part 2 – Bitcoin Is the Bank of You and Me


Coin News Asia has spoken with Evander Smart regarding CryptList, a new and exciting advertising platform. You may read the first part here. Jay-R Gatdula: What can you say about online gambling laws and cryptocurrency legality and regulation? Evander Smart: Regulation doesn’t work. In the U.S. you could point to most recent economic events and show where regulators looked the […]

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Ledger Part 2 – We Are Bitcoin Agnostic, Our Products Can Be Used on Any Altcoin

Ledger Bitcoin

Coin News Asia had the chance to speak with Ledger CEO, Eric Larchevêque to talk about Ledgerwallet. This is the second part of the interview. You may read the first part here. CNA:  What have been the greatest accomplishments or the best times you have had while operating Ledger since its inception? EL: One of our best features is the […]

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CryptList Part 1 – Bitcoin Probably Has More Benefits in Asia


What if Craigslist were all about Bitcoin? That’s what Evander Smart’s CryptList is all about. Prior to launching this momentous project, Coin News Asia has spoken with Evander regarding this new advertising platform. Jay-R Gatdula: Hi Evander. Thanks for speaking with us. We’re going to talk a bit about CryptList, but first, can you give us a bit of a […]

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Ledger Part 1 – Bitcoin Needs Security and Peace of Mind for the User


When French startups like La Maison du Bitcoin, a bitcoin centre in Paris, BTChip merge, you get Ledger. Coin News Asia had the chance to speak with its CEO, Eric Larchevêque to talk about this innovative contribution to crypto-security. Coin News Asia: Hi Eric, first question: what exactly is Ledger? How does it work with the Bitcoin ecosystem? Eric Larchevêque: […]

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BIS Advises Lenders to Be Wary of Bitcoin-like Technology

Bank for International Settlements

The Bank for International Settlements has released a report that implores lenders to be very observant with the technology behind bitcoin. Digital currencies like bitcoin have always poised a very intricate relationship with the finance sector, and the lack of regulation has created a new focus for financial regulators, especially since digital currencies are multiplying exponentially and are already in […]

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The Bank’s Battle – Regulation, Security, and Bitcoin


Banks are being focused on by cybercriminals, and that appears to be liable to proceed in a world with more information and gadgets. Are banks being sufficiently imaginative with data security to avoid the dangers? Banks are being requested that be more open, computerized, and client-centered through the development of more up to date innovations like versatile installments, biometrics and […]

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Japanese Government Pushes for Bitcoin Regulation

Bitcoin Japan Legislation

Regulators in Japan aren’t taking any chances, and they have started pushing virtual currency regulations. In a legislation meeting, members of the Japan Financial Services Agency have discussed security issues involving digital currencies. The meeting additionally included digital money trade administrators in Japan, who gave some knowledge into the present status of the bitcoin economy in Japan and around the […]

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