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UK Fintech Startup Revolut to Integrate Bitcoin and Move Beyond Banking


Revolut, the UK Fintech Startup, is adding bitcoin to its regiment of acknowledged monetary standards because of overwhelming client request. The organization is touted as a worldwide option saving money stage, which gives clients cards that can be utilized to buy cash and items in different nations at the present swapping scale. The organization has an aggregate of 700,000 clients […]

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Bitconnect Coin Price Reaches All-Time High, Surpasses Ethereum


Last month, Bitconnect coin, better known to the community as BCC, reached an all-time high price at $59.24. Within a three-month period, the price of BCC increased from $1.76 to $59.24, recording a staggering growth rate of 3,265 percent. Since the beginning of 2017, the cryptocurrency market demonstrated an exponential growth rate, achieving a historic milestone on last month by […]

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Bitcoin Exchange Mt Gox’s Mark Karpeles Denies Embezzlement

Mark Karpeles

The CEO of MtGoX Co., once the world’s biggest bitcoin advanced cash trade, prevented stealing hundreds from claiming a huge number of yen from its clients as his trial started in Tokyo. Showing up at the Tokyo District Court, Mark Karpeles, the 32-year-old French CEO of the now-bankrupt trade, said colossal misfortunes of the advanced money by the business were […]

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Japan’s New Bitcoin Businesses to Offer Protection to Retailers

Bitcoin Japan

Japanese bitcoin trade bitFlyer will join forces with Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance to offer dealers an approach to get remuneration for fizzled exchanges involving the virtual money. As indicated by the Nikkei, the protection bundle will be offered by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance to traders receiving the purpose-of-offer and additionally bitcoin installments entry foundation given by Tokyo-based bitcoin startup and trade bitFlyer. […]

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DIMCOIN – the Future of Equity on the Blockchain


With the ever-rising market cap of individual cryptocurrencies, where the ICOs are breaking record, the same ecosystem is clearly showing no signs of a growth slowdown. Take for instance, Dimcoin. DIMCOIN is built using NEM blockchain technology, which offers a unique two-tier design using node reputation, spam protection, and incentivised infrastructure through supernodes, all to ensure transparent and secure online […]

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300 Token ICO – One of the First Minerium Tokens

300 Token

There have been many tokens in the crypto ecosystem nowadays. 300 Token has recently become a part of the history as having one of the first Minerium tokens. With the ever-rising market cap of individual cryptocurrencies and the constantly appearing new ones, where the ICOs are breaking record after record, the same ecosystem is clearly showing no sign of growth […]

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Bitcoin Exchanges Becomes Targeted by Cyber Attacks as Records Rally

Bitcoin Cyber Attack

At minimum, two noteworthy bitcoin exchanges revealed cyberattacks the previous week. As bitcoin quickly and dramatically multiplied for the year when it topped $3,000 a weekend ago, the assaults were DDoS in nature and did not influence customers’ assets. These different cyberattacks on major bitcoin trades highlight the many difficulties for the young computerized money world. A surge in financial […]

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Remittance Drive the Bitcoin Demand Increase in Asia

Bitcoin Remittance

One of the greatest Bitcoin trades in China by OKCoin is back on track enhancing the Chinese trade showcase after the suspension of withdrawal exchanges. Accordingly, more Bitcoin speculators are continuing their advantage and driving up the interest for Bitcoin. On account of the resumption of withdrawals, Bitcoin is presently exchanged at a superior rate in China contrasted with a […]

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ATB Coin Cryptocurrency ICO Now Underway Across Globe

ATB Coin

Company Offers Investors a Unique Opportunity New York, NY. A sharp rise in price and usage of Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies has shown the world that the global financial system is more than prepared for a change. Hence, if you’re looking for a full-scale investment platform that incorporates all the best features available in modern blockchain-based currencies, we’ve […]

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