10xBTC – If One Wants to Succeed on a Bitcoin Business, One Cannot Ignore Asia

Bitcoin LotterySurely, you only want nothing but the best experience in playing lottery with bitcoins. For you to achieve that, you must play only in the best lottery sites. Then work your way up to Bitcoin gambling. Bitcoin lottery is sure a great game as it offers tons of boons you can’t find in the usual one. This bitcoin game is sure to turn your world upside down by getting the luckiest pick. Here comes 10xBTC, the Easiest Bitcoin Lottery. Coin News Asia has spoken with Darren Austin to share some insights regarding their lottery platform.

Coin News Asia: Hi, Darren. Can you tell us what led you to be interested in Bitcoin and come to believe that it is something that you would devote much of your time to?

Darren Austin: I stumbled upon bitcoin in late 2011, I acquired my first coins through MtGox at that time at $13 US dollars per coin and then I got hooked up because I saw in bitcoin the solution to so many problems that have plagued the online business model since the beginning, I saw in bitcoin the means to reach true independence from the financial ‘middle man’ and their power to dictate what you can sell and what not in the Internet. Of course that in the meantime there were price swings, hardware mining, cloud mining, online and physical trading and in the end, experience is the name we give to the errors we learned from.

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CNA: What can you say is the best thing about 10xBTC in comparison with other crypto-related gaming sites?

DA: For us, there are many ‘best things’ about 10xbtc.com over others, starting with the use of a public true random number that anyone can check without having to know the math of bitcoin instead of the Provably Fair system that others use, which is obscure to most people and in some cases can be abused, other good things are that we pay the user even if they lose the bet, and we have a very interesting and fun way to combine Dice and Lottery in the same game. It took us like 5 months to from inception to reach the actual version of the site.

CNA: On what platform do your sites run on?

DA: The site runs on a PHP/Java/Websocket platform over Linux, the Bitcoin engine backend is a proprietary one written by ourselves.


CNA: Can you share some latest innovations with 10xBTC?

DA: I think that the most radical innovations is  the use of public True Random Number generated every 5 minutes by a Space Agency: in Provably Fair, the random number obtained is not a real one as it does not arises from a natural random process and therefore can be tampered with, the one we use is generated based on space environment and terrestrial climatic data coming from 3 satellites and one meteorological station managed by a public and ranked scientific institution and it changes every 5 minutes, this is scientific grade random number that we are using to ensure a fair game for our users.

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CNA: What significant bonuses do you offer your players that are superior to the offerings of other Bitcoin casinos?

DA: We pay 10.000 satoshis to our users every time they lose, we have a Welcome bonus that duplicates the first deposit and we let our users play dice to increase their deposit: The misses do not reduce the deposit amount, only hits counts, so the user can only win while playing dice until the 5 minutes are up and the winning number of the lottery shows up.

CNA: Have you set sights on the Asian market in particular?

DA: The Asian market is an exciting and interesting one: You need to understand the Asian culture and moods, which is very different from Western one, also one must take into account that right now the vast majority of bitcoins are in Asia, I think that if one wants to succeed on a Bitcoin business, one cannot ignore Asia. Not in vain the project name of our site while in development was Cai shen, the name of the Chinese God of luck and good fortune.

To be continued…

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