Hong Kong’s Crypto Slump Gains Ground with More Laxed Exchange Requirements

Hong Kong Bitcoin Exchange

The world’s biggest producer of digital currency mining chips has retired designs for an eager first sale of stock in Hong Kong, turning into the most recent casualty of bitcoin’s value dive. Bitmain Technologies said it has enabled its IPO application to slip by, a half year after it was at first documented in September expecting to raise up to […]

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South Korea Pushes Forward with Reevaluation of Bitcoin Regulations

South Korea Bitcoin Regulation

Fairly recently, South Korean police have gotten the mastermind of a Bitcoin-fuelled Ponzi scheme in charge of producing nearly $19 million in income. The scam, called “M-Coin,” is said to have focused on those with poor comprehension of the innovation – for the most part older individuals, retirees, and housewives – with guarantees of free digital currency and enlistment rewards […]

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China Still Looks to Bitcoin Despite Bitcoin Mining Ban with Returning Investors

China Bitcoin Investment

For a significant part of the historical backdrop of Bitcoin (BTC), dealers from Asia, explicitly China and Japan, commanded this embryonic market. China, obviously, is the profound and real home of Bitmain, one of the business’ most elevated esteemed new companies, and of key crypto resource ventures, as NEO and Tron. In any case, the country’s bans and limitations on […]

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EOSBet Moves Toward Mass Adoption with Bitcoin Betting


Bitcoin Press Release: Willemstad, Curacao – At the end of 2018, EOSBet received an official online gambling license and certified itself as one of the top-rated EOS dapps. EOSBet has stormed into 2019 releasing a decentralised account system along with native Bitcoin deposits and betting. Typically, interacting and engaging with blockchain technology has numerous entry barriers, such as setting up […]

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China Considers Banning All Bitcoin Mining Activities in the Country

China Bitcoin Mining Ban

China’s state organizer needs to ban bitcoin mining in the nation, as per a draft rundown of modern exercises the office is looking to stop in an indication of developing government weight on the cryptographic money area. China is the world’s biggest market for PC equipment intended to mine bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies, despite the fact that such exercises recently […]

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Premium-style Trading on CoinDeal – the Premier League Team Sponsor


CoinDeal is currently one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges, created at the beginning of 2018 by three Poles, who have vast experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industry – Adam Bicz, Filip Dzierżak and Kajetan Maćkowiak. They proved that a few months is enough to becoming one of the largest crypto exchanges globally, reaching as high as the 40th […]

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GEO Protocol Raises Seed Round from CoinFund to Accelerate Internet of Value Technology

GEO Protocol - CoinFund

GEO Protocol, a financial technology startup, has announced an investment in its seed round by CoinFund, a premier New York-based cryptoasset investment firm. The deal, which will entail close collaboration with CoinFund, follows more than three years of aggressive self-funded development of the project’s own technology and validates the team’s efforts and product thesis. GEO is an open source overlay […]

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