Japanese Banks Move towards Bitcoin after Brexit

Japan Brexit

The bitcoin renaissance in Tokyo is by all accounts close by, with speculators utilizing the virtual coin to climate turbulent budgetary markets and banks striking associations to investigate the framework’s hidden innovation. Since the virtual coin is not associated with any nation, it tends, similar to gold, to reinforce when speculators’ trust in national monetary forms vacillates. For this situation, […]

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DinarDirham Takes a Next Big Step in Industry Experience

Dinar Dirham

It’s time to talk about two key developments of DinarDirham. Those are the smart contract system GoldSmartContracts, and DinarCoin – a crypto token and a digital currency, built on top of Ethereum Blockchain. In addition to all the basic qualities of a digital currency: anonymity, decentralization, open-source availability, liquidity, DinarCoin has one unique and innovative feature: its value is pegged […]

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Free Bitcoins: Are They Really Worth It?

Free Bitcoins

You’re casually browsing the internet, reading articles, watching videos, or searching for some information. At one point of time, you accidentally (or intentionally) come across a website offering you free bitcoins in exchange for something as simple as clicking. What do you do? These websites are also known as bitcoin faucets. If you’re familiar with bitcoins and you’re looking for […]

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DinarDirham: Where Gold Meets Blockchain


In July, a FinTech company DinarDirham based in Hong Kong and soon opening an office in Singapore and Dubai, is going to launch an innovative solution based on blockchain in gold industry. DinarDirham will launch its own decentralized wallet with an in-built exchange supporting not only popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether, but also the company’s own digital […]

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Cryptocurrency in Gaming to be Discussed at the International Bitcoin Conference

Bitcoin Kiev

Bitcoin Press Release: Every seventh online casino accepts Bitcoin payments. The amount of such websites increases: by year’s end, 20% of online casinos will support cryptocurrency. Players who tried a new payment method have already known about Bitcoin advantages: anonymity, transaction speed as well as the absence of boarders and issues with currency conversion. But Bitcoin is not only cryptocurrency […]

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Blockchain Development in Asia Is Booming

Bitcoin Blockchain

With the coming of Blockchain, and the expanding request from customers crosswise over Asia to investigate the potential outcomes of this transformative innovation, IBM will quicken the outline, improvement and commercialization of Singapore Blockchain applications through the IBM Garage and the IBM Global Entrepreneur program. Bitcoin has made a lot of features subsequent to the cryptocurrency initially rose in 2009, […]

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